Do your customers promote your business online?

Do your customers promote your business online?
Does social media really matter and can onlineĀ word of mouth grow your local small business?Yes and YES!!!
Were you aware that:

Social media is used by over 1 million SMBs in North America.
The research and purchasing habits of consumers today has drastically changed.
Most people feel more “in control” of what media messages they choose to consume.
Tools like caller ID, email and spam controls have put the consumer square at the helm and local businesses left wondering how to reach through the barrage of privacy controls.

Enter “Social Media”.

Google+, Facebook, even Twitter are all online tools that consumers are using to research and make educated decisions about their purchases. Finding first hand experiences from other consumers, and researching in advance using social media has created a much more “informed” consumer today.
Small local businesses have always counted on the best form of advertising called “word of mouth.”

Today savvy business owners are quickly learning the value of interacting with both existing and potential new customers. Reaching a growing local audience of consumers online has become the new “word of mouth advertising” and local businesses are rushing to take advantage of the available tools online, called Social Media, to help their customers share their services with friends and family.
Have you connected with any new prospects online today?

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